TPM in Serbia, 06/07/2023

The project meeting involved introducing the participating organizations and their objectives. The partners stressed the importance of addressing participants’ needs in the art educators’ training module. Virtual reality was identified as a crucial topic, not just as a tool but also as the future of creative activities. The training course will include six theoretical modules […]

TPM in Poland, 14 – 15.06.2022

During the meeting, the organizations introduced themselves and presented their main ideas. They emphasized the importance of considering participants’ needs in the training module for art educators. Virtual reality was highlighted as a key topic, with plans for six theoretical learning modules and one practical module. The course will address virtual reality not just as […]

Project Result 1 Training Module for art educators on Digital Arts is at full speed!

Digarted consortium has finalized the Needs assessment of digital expertise of the educators so that all training participants will be able to keep up and stay engaged throughout the training course. Also, the specific interests of art educators in distinct digital art aspects have been assessed. In this way, efforts are now been focused on […]

Digarted- Transnational project meeting

A transnational project meeting of Digarted project took place online on 01/02/2023. All partners had the chance to discuss the progress of the activities & the next steps of the project #University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz #digitai #Artit #latvijasmakslasakademia #cetri #UAB #technickauniverzita