Project Results

Result 1: Training Module for art educators on Digital Arts

Through this Training, art educators will build the confidence and the right set of competences to develop and deliver their own digital art curricula. The training’s innovation lies on the fact that it will act as an one-stop-shop for art educators interested in digital art. Digital art courses are available mostly to students, while the necessary upskilling of art educators is not currently efficiently and holistically addressed. The impact of the training is that by addressing the knowledge gap on digital arts in the educational staff, we facilitate the subsequent effective knowledge transfer to students and eventually to the job market and the society as a whole. 


Project Results

Result 2: Pedagogical Framework (Curriculum) on Digital Arts for one core and one elective digital art course

The curricula for one core and one elective undergraduate course will be designed. The courses will be meant to be incorporated into analog art curricula and/or to represent a solid starting point for dedicated digital art programs in HE. By developing these curricula and making them available to art educators, we aspire to create a best practice worth adapting by HE Arts Institutions.

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Result 3: Curriculum for a short-duration learning course on the basics of digital art leading to micro-credentials

This result entails the development of a Curriculum for a short-duration learning course leading to micro-credentials on the basics of digital art. The rationale behind this course is the fact that interest in micro-credentials has been growing, fueled by demand from learners for short and flexible forms of learning and from industry and employers for verified skills-based credentials to satisfy the needs of the new world of work. The purpose of the proposed course is to enable the arts higher education institutions to offer attractive, market-relevant multi-, trans, and inter-disciplinary courses to past and current students. Such a course is expected to increase the attractiveness of HE institutions and enable artists to increase their employability in the labor market. The course is one semester long covering various aspects of digital art practices and unfolding the possible career opportunities.

Project Results