The Partners


The University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz (AHE)

The University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz (AHE) can be found at the heart of one of Poland’s most vibrant and cultural cities. AHE is one of the largest private universities in Poland with 23 faculties offering over 100 courses and a wide choice of subjects in cultural studies, graphic design, creativity, educational science, sociology, psychology, and entrepreneurship. With a staff of approx. 200 permanent employees. AHE offers traditional university programs (BA. MA. MSc, Ph.D.), and postgraduate studies. Of specific interest to Street Culture for Regions, AHE is a progression organization and plays a
leadership role in lifelong learning courses for various target groups, including youth educators and trainers, disadvantaged and at-risk groups including youth. migrants, disabled, seniors, children, and those unemployed


DigitAI is a research-oriented private SME founded in 2020, in Athens, Greece by Scientists and Researchers each one of whom is an expert in the fields of ICT, Innovation, Science, and Education in Europe. The company aspires to enhance the possibilities and capabilities of the products and services within these sectors, via the development and application of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques. DigitAI’s mission is to promote cooperation among young scientists by giving them the opportunity to participate in the writing, research, implementation, and submission of suggestions with the aim to raise funds via the funded European programs and other financial resources for the development of new products and services in order to benefit countries and humanity.

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The Art Academy of Latvia

The Art Academy of Latvia is officially accredited and recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia and education is free of charge. The main goal of the Art Academy of Latvia is preparing students for the future and administer studies at the Bachelor’s and Master’s level in such fields as: Visual Arts (Painting, Graphic Art, Textile Art, Drawing), Visual Plastic Arts (Sculpture, Ceramics, Glass Art), Design (Functional Design, Environment Art, Fashion Design, Metal Design), Audio-visual Media Art (Visual Communication, Stage design, Motion, Image & Sound), History and Theory of Art (Restoration, History and Theory of Art and Culture). The Art Academy of Latvia also undertakes research projects at Doctoral level in the fields of the Arts and the Social Sciences as well as realises artistic creation.


CETRI was founded by a group of Academics and Professionals who after collaborating together for years at well-established Research & Technology Institutions decided to build on more than 50 man-years experience!  The Center provides smart solutions, great service, and insight to help distinguished clients navigate the technology and innovation landscape. CETRI has headquarters in Cyprus at Nicosia and has labs in two different locations with a third site at Leukipos Innovation Center. It prides engineering excellence, generating cost-effective solutions for Enterprises, Academic institutions, and Technology Entrepreneurs & start-ups.

The Centre’s main purpose is:

  1. A) to help clients by conducting applied, and technological research and tech. consulting that leads to new products and services with industrial, economic, and social impact. It collaborates with numerous research centers and enterprises spread over several European countries and
  2. B) to advice on Innovation Management and proposal writing /EC funding, both Universities and Industry (has signed contracts with several Institutions in Europe (UK, Sweden, Spain, Italy, and Greece). As a private company, it is trying also to keep up to the research forefront through a network of contacts with excellence in technological and research capacities.


Artit is a platform founded upon the belief that art is a powerful tool that facilitates self-expression and triggers change. Our mission is to discover and reward contemporary visual artists who strive to create a better version of the world we live in. We see art to raise awareness around matters that impact our lives as individuals and as a collective. We empower the voices of artists and organizations that strive for a bright future for the world, particularly those that address issues of ecology, society, and politics through art. In this context, a significant part of our is our collaborative European partnerships exploring the intersection of arts and society in practice.

The University of Arts in Belgrade

The University of Arts in Belgrade (UAB) was founded in 1957 as an association of four art faculties: the Faculty of Music, the Faculty of Fine Arts, the Faculty of Applied Arts and the Faculty of Dramatic Arts. Today, it comprises 2.700 students, more than 470 professors and 70 study programmes in diverse arts disciplines, on undergraduate, master and doctoral level. With the aim to be recognized as a staging ground for new ideas, the University of Arts has developed specific ways of focusing and directing arts education, unifying artistic and theoretical research and providing a platform for interdisciplinary research. Recently launched practice-based doctoral programmes in arts make the University of Arts an exceptional higher education institution in the Region.

The Technical University of Kosice

The Technical University of Kosice ( is a public university established in 1952, currently the University has nine faculties and 14,000+ students, providing education (Bc, MSc, PhD) in a wide range of technical (Informatics, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil engineering, Metallurgy, Mining, Aviation) and non-technical (Arts, Economics) branches. The involved project team of the Faculty of Arts has experience in organizing exhibitions, participation in national and international cultural events and competitions, summer schools, etc. The Faculty of Arts provides higher education in architecture, design, visual and intermedia arts and media arts and other specialised Departments. The Faculty is involved in implementation of arts, research and exhibition projects in Slovakia and internationally.